Straight From The Artisans Of Jaipur

This ancient printing technique utilizes a hand-carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk. The result is truly unique, hand block printed fabric that connects us to a rich tradition and history of handmade crafts.


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It takes hundreds of hours of practice for an artisan to stamp without causing a break in the repeat pattern. The patterns range from current design to designs from 30 years. Fine lines, intricate detailing & floral prints are dipped in dye & stamped by hand.

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At Shrinkhla we believe in reducing our carbon footprint and re-using all our produce. Thereafter, our packaging is also such that it can be used in multiple ways as per our customer convenience.

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Shrinkhla is known to provide the best fit with the ultimate comfort and style. We believe in providing the best quality of fabric and colors by using the most fine quality cottons and chanderi fabrics to create easy flowing silhouettes.

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I just love how Shrinkhla fits me. Feels like a specially made custom suit set. Plus the comfort and softness it has is unmatched. Now I can not think of anything else when it comes to my daily wear suit sets.

How can we not love Shrinkhla when we trip on it together with sisters! This is from Rakhi 2020, both of our first Shrinkhla. The collection in our respective wardrobes has grown since❤️❤️

i must say i’m in love with your collection. I am delighted to see the cute quality packaging and really stunned to see the comfort plus-size fitting . it's very pretty and soft clothing. Thank you so much

My husband usually never comments on my suits. This was the first time he said this suit looks very classy. I should say it felt so good on the skin in the harsh summers of south India. It’s not just the fabric, the stitching, the fact that it remains still as new even after 7 hand washes. Read More... Needless to say about the packaging it came from..everything screamed that it’s a very classy suit. Read Less

Why I love Shrinkhla ? Because if I have 10 seconds to choose a decent outfit that I know for sure will look good on me, you bet I pull out these suits. They're effortless and beautiful. Even without the offers in place, I would be happy to continue buying from Shrinkhla ❤️🌻

Hello! It’s this picture of my mom that stands out the most in my Shrinkhla treasure. Safe to say, I bought 70% of the website and my mom would always appreciate the quality and the fit. Hence, on her birthday, I decided to gift her a Shrinkhla suit. Read More... She always wore kurta sets and this time I wanted her to wear something different yet a showstopper. And voila! Found this beautiful dress on the website and you all were so sweet to customize it to her size! When she received it, she only had praises for the brand and how comfortable she felt wearing a new silhouette! I remember when you all posted this picture on your stories, she was so so so excited and happy to be featured on a brand’s story! And the best part, Shrinkhla has always listened to my customization requests- be it size or mixing and matching sets. I can say with confidence that the best suits that I own are from Shrinkhla! Lots of love and thanks! ❤️❣️ Read Less

I loved the suit so much. Thank you so much for the great service.






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