Indian soil has various forms of handicrafts, right from pottery, jute works to terracotta work and prints which vary from state to state. Though they are beautiful and have been passed on through the generations, it is rather sad that we are now in a situation that steps have to be taken to ensure that these don’t die.

Protecting the skills and knowledge of the handicrafts is the most difficult challenge and at Shrinkhla our motive is to overcome this challenge.

At Shrinkhla we are bringing in a mixture of old and new designs to strike a balance between the avant-garde and the traditional. Through this mixture of forms of craft, the traditional handicraft industry has more hope for shining.

Indian culture is known for its use of vibrant colors, and not just for decorative purposes. Colors in India have connections to religion and politics and are incorporated into festivals and celebrations. We have incorporated almost all the colors like shades of red, greens, blue, yellow, pink etc. in our collection.

Shrinkhla is also known to provide the best fit with ultimate comfort and style.