Our Material

We don’t use polyester. Our core line is crafted completely in certified organic cotton, and we’ve introduced fabrics like TENCEL, modal, cupro, and bamboo fabric to our collections over the past few seasons. Our woollies are made of recycled wool, while our denim is made using minimal water and energy (we call it ‘green denim’). Our kidswear line, Little Nico, is made entirely of leftover fabric—the little bits that remain after a collection’s been produced that are then cut, dyed, detailed and sewn with just as much love as our other stuff. Similarly, our responsibly-made home products include wooden serveware made of discarded teak tree roots, banana fibre table runners, and bamboo baskets.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without using pesticides, and from non GMO (genetically modified) seeds.


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